Grupo Factor X is a Tijuana women's group which helps factory workers organize for better working conditions and human rights. The maquiladora labor force, primarily made up of young women aged 16-25, has basic needs that are not being addressed either by employers or by government programs. At its women's center, the Casa de la Mujer, located in a working-class neighborhood, Grupo Factor X offers a variety of programs including: support groups for battered women; workshops on how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace; classes on reproductive, sexual and workplace health; a medical clinic; a legal clinic; assistance in investigating human rights violations in the maquiladoras; and workshops on labor organizing. Workshop participants who choose to go through an entire training program become promotoras, activists who take their new knowledge back to their communities. Through the work of Grupo Factor X, a community of active, empowered workers is emerging. These are the promotoras who are participating in MAQUILOPOLIS.